There are many reasons why people choose equity release. For most people it's  a natural choice to release money from their biggest asset to help fund their retirement plans. They've worked hard all their life to pay for their home. Why not benefit from some of that equity now?

Some of the common reasons for releasing money include:

Whatever your reasons, equity release is completely flexible and once you've released the money you can do what you want with it. Equity release is a lifetime commitment to be used as part of your overall retirement planning. There may be short-term solutions which could be more suitable for your circumstances. Please remember that taking equity release will reduce the inheritance you leave.

Equity release as a lifestyle choice

There are many reasons to choose equity release, but there are also some major social and economic trends that account for the increasing popularity of equity release as a lifestyle choice. For example, we're now living longer than ever before. For many, this means more years to enjoy life - and to take advantage of the leisure finally offered after a life of work. But as retirements are lasting longer, you could find yourself short of the funds you need to pay for the comfortable retirement you deserve. Even if you have money in the bank, current low interest rates can leave you searching for more income. Equity release can provide that extra money you're looking for to top up your income, especially if living costs are rising faster than pensions and savings.